What is mjiila?

mjiila designs and edits modern and contemporary furniture and decoration accessories for the home and public buildings; hotel, restaurant, retail and office space.

Founded by photographer Olivier Moravik in 2012, mjiila offers his personal vision of a non-ostentatious luxury lifestyle, based on a creative and strong aesthetic, on the choice and mix of selected fine and / or innovative materials and on an outstanding manufacturing quality, entrusted with the French craftsmanship.

The design is minimalist, geometrical and free of embellishments. All extra details are solely dictated by their function. The lines are pure and sculptural, based on symmetrical and sometimes asymmetrical combinations so as to bring a touch of disorder and chaos into our rigid and standardized world.
Our creations come with a large choice of finishes and can be tailor-made.
We also design unique outstanding pieces for specific projects.

The combination of the three essential elements: minimalism, function and individuality reflects the high- class, exclusive, state of the art and modern designs of the mjiila products.

mjiila defends the idea of sustainable design, timeless style and high quality manufacturing. Our products are exclusively made with selected high quality materials which will last in time. Our first commitment to durability and sustainability is to refuse endorsing the short product life cycle marketing concept of production/waste.

Sustainable development and environmental issues are also essential to us when dealing with our suppliers and business partners. We make sure that all our woods come from sustainably managed certified forests in France. We also make sure that our leathers come from tanneries which are respectful of the “Reach” European regulation. These regulations aim to control and reduce the use of toxic chemicals in the industrial tanning process. In all cases, our animal skins proceed exclusively from the food-processing industry. No animal is killed solely for its skin and none come from endangered species.

Some of our more technical products such as acrylic and mineral resins under Hi-Macs (LG) brands are only produced in Asia (Korea and Japan). Dekton stone is made in Spain by Cosentino. Their esthetic and technical qualities, specifically in terms of resistance, easy upkeep and hygiene are exceptional and justify our use of them.

Nevertheless, we give priority to French suppliers and producers in order to reduce our impact on the environment due to transport, but also because the strict regulations governing working conditions in France guarantee a high level of social protection to their employees.

*pronounce “miêlla”